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Employee Spotlight

Faith and Family Care recognizes all the hard work that our employees do at the Forward With Faith home. In order to put a spotlight on this hard work we randomly chose employees to interview. Below are their stories.



Tim Brunnert

  • Tell us about yourself

    • I am a senior at Central College and am actually from a small town in central Missouri. My major is environmental science so it may be a surprise that I work here, but in all honesty I enjoy everyday I get to spend with the amazing residents that live here.​

  • What do you want people to know about FWF?

    • The one thing about FWF that makes it stand out from other employers is really the residents and people you get to work with. They really make the time fly with all the things they say and the activities they want you to take part in.​

  • What would you say to someone who is considering working at one of the FWF homes?

    • I would say that this is definitely a great option. It's nice to be able to have a lot of flexibility with work shifts and staff that are always willing to help. Especially if you are in college.​


Joe Weber

  • Tell us about yourself

    • I am a senior at Central College and am from a small town called Dunlap, Iowa. I am an exercise science, pre-physical therapy major and will be attending Des Moines University for Physical Therapy in the fall. I have 3 older siblings, a sister who is 8 years older, a brother who is 4 years older, and a twin sister who is 2 minutes older. I also have a 3-year-old niece and a 7-month-old nephew that I adore and love spending time with.​

  • What do you want people to know about FWF?

    • My favorite thing about being a support staff at FWF is that I feel like I have made a positive impact in the lives of the guys we work with. They really do make the job fun, and they will say something that will make you laugh or put a smile on your face every shift. They guys are always appreciative of the assistance provided to them and they make staff feel welcome and wanted.​

  • What would you say to someone who is considering working at one of the FWF homes?

    • I would tell anyone that is considering employment at FWF that people always say the guys are lucky to have us as staff, but I feel like I am lucky to be able to work with and for these guys. All of the guys become excited about the littlest things in life and it truly helps me to take a step back and realize all of the great things that I have in my life as well. I've been lucky to have had the last year to make memories and create friendships with these guys and it is truly going to be hard to leave the house in May when I graduate.
Joe Weber.jpg


T. Sparks .jpg

Tammy Sparks

  • Tell us about yourself

    • I was born and raised in Oskaloosa. I am a single mom, and have one son, Lex, who teaches elementary special ed and lives in West Des Moines. I have 2 dogs, Gracie and Rudy, who are like my kids also, lol. I coach Special Olympic sports and enjoy helping others. I belong to the Calvary Baptist Church of Oskaloosa.

  • What do you like most about working in the FWF home?

    • The Christian atmosphere. The freedom the residents have as far as going home or out with family/friends without being told how many hours they can stay at their parents, grandparents etc. 

  • What motivates you to continue working in the direct support field?

    • I have worked in this field since 1995 and it just seems like what God put me here to do. I was told I would burn out after 10 years but not even close to burning out! I love helping individuals with special needs or that simply just need help. I enjoy helping them learn and be more independent. 

  •   What inspired you to seek employment in a FWF home?​

    • A friend of mine told me about a girl's home opening so I applied and began in the boy's home. I absolutely love it! I'm anxious to get into the girl's home but will always be open and available to help with the guys too. I want to continue seeing the guys as well. ​



Laurie Ramos

  • Tell us about yourself:

    • I'm a Mom to my sweet boy Frank Christopher, a wife to my husband Patrick and a daughter to my Father God in Heaven. I love to be out in nature and standing in awe of God's creations. I love music and love to laugh! I teach youth ministry at Riverside church in Knoxville and host a bible study every week with friends. I live my life spontaneously and go where the Lord leads me! 

  • What would you tell others considering applying to work at a FWF home?

    • It's not like any other caregiving job out there, in a good way. It's an amazing opportunity to not pass up on. You can feel the love and faith flowing throughout the employment and company.

  • What can you share about your Faith and Family Team?

    • The teamwork is great! Everyone knows the main goal we have as a team is to provide the best care for the guys in the home and when you add in the love and faith everyone has in each other and the team itself, it just flows naturally and seamlessly amazing.  

  • What is your favorite memory so far working at the FWF home?

    • So hard to choose one! By far, I think it's been the board games days! We all get together down in the basement game room and have a great time playing Sorry or even just different card games. My side hurt for a bit the day after we had a blast taking turns pretending to be Steve Harvey while playing family feud!

Laurie Ramos.jpg
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